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Welcome to Sano Acupuncture—Your Oasis of Holistic Healing in the Heart of the Bronx. As a premier acupuncturist and wellness center, we specialize in bringing ancient wisdom to modern living. Immerse yourself in our three New York locations, each a sanctuary for transformative healing. Our dedicated team collaborates with physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness.

At Sano Acupuncture, we offer acupuncture sessions with cupping, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic massages. Experience the profound benefits of energy healing and explore our custom-made wellness products. Engage in classes and workshops on meditation and sound healing to achieve optimal well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Take a step towards vibrant health by exploring our services. Whether you seek relief from pain, hormonal balance, or support for mood disorders, our expert practitioners are here for you. The journey to holistic wellness starts with Sano Acupuncture.

Call us now at (929) 272-6066 and embark on your path to optimal well-being. Your transformation begins here.

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